Summer might not officially start until next week, but it’s already getting HOT!!!  That means pool parties, trips to the beach, and lots of other fun bikini-clad activities!  Here are some last minute tips for getting bikini ready:

Tip #1:  Try adding some calorie-burning intervals to your workouts.  Aerobic activities like spinning, running, and jumping rope are just a few suggestions to get your heart pumping.  Alternate 2 minutes of of cardio with 2 minutes of push-ups, crunches, or tricep dips for a killer bikini workout!

Tip #2:  Get your glow on! Vampires might be sexy right now, but if you’d rather not rock the alabaster look in your bikini try faking some sun with a little pre-beach bronzer. Try one of these BEACH SEXY self-tanners or bronzers from Victoria’s Secret.

Tip #3:  Stay away from foods high in salt that may cause you to retain water.  If you want to feel sexy in your bikini, then you need to beat the not-so-sexy bloat.

Tip #4:  Drink your water!  Find a water bottle you love and don’t let it out of your sight! Drinking water can help everything from supporting healthy weight-loss to giving you a glowing complexion. Studies recommend drinking between 2-2.5L per day, depending on your activity level, so stay hydrated!!

Tip #5:  Find a suit that shows off your best features!! Check out this Skinny Mom article to help find the right fit for you!

Tip #6:  Smile!!  Nothing is sexier than self-confidence, so no matter what your bikini style is…own it!


Source: VSX Sport on Facebook