I have to admit, I have never been one to workout. In my family, it wasn’t a priority, but after having children of my own I decided that I must make exercise and physical activity a part of every day. Being overweight my whole life and never being truly exposed to working out, the weight gained from my pregnancies has kept me baffled. I have also had a multitude of health problems and surgeries that have set me back.

So, where to start and how to find this elusive motivation? Lucky enough for me, I am surrounded by military types and many of them love running, so I am doing a 5K with my family. I figure it will be an awesome place to start and my girls, my husband, and I will have a blast rocking some Halloween costumes as we get healthy! So, I am starting to truly believe that getting fit and getting out of a rut, off a plateau, whatever, is to try something new and fun. And with all the amazingly fun 5k’s out there, why not try that? I am finishing hoping that this will be my jumping off point, I am making it so! I am also waiting on my very own personal workout journal so that I can schedule and then mark off my accomplishments so that I can keep motivated!

Photo Credit: http://blog.oregonlive.com