I have a major love of dancing workout DVD’s, in part because they are easy to pop in and I can get a workout in anytime I have a spare 30 minutes. But the major part of it is, well, I can’t dance!  But I LOVE to move to music and if I can do it as a workout, then all the better. I typically do Zumba, because the upbeat tempo keeps me engaged and I love that the workout doesn’t drag on like other routines!

Enter a slight obsession with Dancing With the Stars and a new love, the LaBlast Let’s Dance workout DVD with Dancing’s own, Louis Van Amstel. This has got to be one of the most fun and thorough workouts I have ever done. I would certainly recommend watching the DVD through one time first then work through the tutorial, especially if you are rhythmically challenged like me.

During the tutorials, Louis teaches the dance steps as if you were in a real dance class with his back to you facing a mirror. I adored the tutorials, because I learned how to twist and cha cha and salsa without hurting my lower back. This is another amazing point about this workout – by learning the correct way to do each of the dance moves, anyone can dance, workout, and have fun! I was able to dance and exercise without worrying about hurting my back, which has always been an issue when trying new exercises.

I would recommend this Let’s Dance workout for people of just about any exercise ability because of the thorough tutorials and the limited pressure to do exactly as the dancers are on screen. In fact, you are coached to “get out of your head” and keep focusing on the correct dance steps so that you will  get progressively better… just as if you were in a real dance class and not your living room! I hope you get out there and learn to cha cha, salsa, and jive all while getting a fantastic workout in!

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