Here is a poem I wrote especially for all the Skinny Mom’s out there. We often get consumed by doing for others and being what others need. Today I thought I’d write a poem especially for “YOU”.

Have a very Happy Valentines Day and Don’t forget to L.O.V.E  yourself!

L- Living your life with purpose and passion is one of the best gifts you can give yourself and others. By going after your dreams and being what you desire, you bless others with your gift.

O- Originality is the greatest thing about you. No one else can be better at being you. Be your authentic self and enjoy getting to know you again!

V- Vigilantly grow. Don’t let negativity halt your spurts. If it’s not making you better then it’s making you worse. You are allowed to dis-allow negativity.

E- Enjoy all you have to offer.Don’t doubt yourself, know who you are and be joyous. A smile will always leave a deposit.