After Hurricane Sandy hit NJ,  I was so  glad to see her go! But what she left behind was far worse then the power outage I was enduring. As I sat in the dark watching the news with a TV hooked up by a generator, it would have been easy to stay on that couch and choose not to keep up with my exercise routine. The sadness I felt to see the beaches my family and I vacationed on washed away into the ocean, and the hundreds of families homes ripped open like dollhouses, it was enough to put anyone in a depression. But I pulled myself away from the TV and came up with an exercise plan. After all, how fortunate I was that I had my loved ones by my side and the worst that happened to us was to be without power. So a trainer friend of mine put together this routine for me until my gym reopened.

The first time around, time yourself ,and each day after that try and beat your last time. Do this for a week and make it a challenge against yourself! I have to admit it was fun! I might have started eating raw eggs like “Rocky” if the power didn’t go back on.

  • 10 squats,  10 jacks, 10 cross jacks (arms cross too) Repeat 2x’s .
  • Band rows 25 reps, Push-ups with feet on second stair 15, Band bicep curls 20. Run up and down stairs 5x’s (up and down is one set!) Repeat whole thing 2x’s.
  • Band Tricep press overhead 15 reps, Push-up with feet on third stair 15, Band overhead shoulder press (stand on band with one foot or two, depending on how much resistance you can take pressing overhead with full extension) 20. Same stair circuit but this time go for ten instead of five.
  • Finish off  with 25 sprinter sit ups and then hoover for one minute!
  • Stretch and drink water when you are done. You can take a 2 min rest in between sets.