We all perform some less than desirable beauty faux pas that we know we shouldn’t, myself included! Take a look below and see if you are guilty of making these same beauty blunders and how to kick your habits!

1. Skipping the SPF– Forgetting to apply some form of SPF is affecting not only your physical beauty but your health as well.  According to SPF Skincare, we can greatly reduce the risks of lines, wrinkles, and discoloration (as well as skin cancer) simply by switching to a lotion or moisturizer containing SPF and applying it daily. Try one like Sephora’s 8 HR Mattifying Moisturizer Sunscreen or philosophy’s Hope In A Jar SPF 25.


2. Wrapping Wet Hair In A Towel– Sure, this gets the job done but all of that twisting and tightening is breaking your hair and over time, will cause thinning at your hairline. Instead, pat dry your hair in sections to avoid unnecessary yanking on your locks.
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3. Picking at Your Face– I know those pimples are begging to be popped but you will ultimately do more harm than good. Your hands and fingernails carry dirt and irritants and once you break the skin, what you transfer can cause infections and eventually scarring. If you must pop, first read this how-to from Acne.org on how to do it the right way.
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4. Sleeping in Your Makeup ­- Every woman has done this at least once. Sleeping in your makeup does not allow your skin to breathe and it will absorb what you leave on it, irritating your pores and causing you those breakouts we all know and love. Too tired at night to go through the entire cleansing process? Try using a wipe, like this one from Ole Henricksen, to remove dirt, grime and makeup.

5. Biting Your Nails– Keeping our most valuable tools healthy is just as important as face and skin care. Nail biting can cause infections of the nail and surrounding skin not to mention it is not a pretty site. If you make those fingers fancy with a little polish, you may be less likely to bite. Check out some of this summer’s hottest colors by clicking here.


6. Biting Your Lips- We usually bite when they are chapped or dry so try keeping a great-smelling (and tasting) lip balm on hand to ward off the need to nibble!
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