I love that my eight year old (will be nine on December 29) son still believes in Santa Claus. I know that each year he grows is one step closer to not believing. His best friend is a year older than him and I worry he will figure it out and tell my son. I hope when my son figures things out, he doesn’t ruin it for his younger brother and sister. I, on the other hand will believe in Santa forever. No one will get me to say he isn’t real. It is fun to believe in the magic.

At Thanksgiving, my brother loudly announced that he told his eight year old daughter when she was five years old there wasn’t a Santa Claus. I kindly asked him to keep that to himself and not ruin the magic my children still believe in and need. I can understand why some people think it is terrible to tell our children about a gift giving stranger that rewards all good children in the world. I know many are mad when they discover the truth. I do not remember when I learned the truth.  I do not recall if I was angry or upset at the time. I did enjoy keeping the magic for my younger brother and I certainly love keeping the magic for my children.

Yesterday, I took my daycare toddler to the post office to mail a Secret Santa gift. I let her look at a Letters to Santa book that was on display. Unfortunately for my pocketbook, she accidentally tore the pop-up Santa at the back of the book. So, as a good girl should, I bought the book for my children.  It ended up being a great evening activity. It was a story about children writing letters to Santa Claus that the post office delivers. It included special stationary, envelopes and stickers for their special letters. As soon as I finished reading the story, my children got right to work on their letters to Santa. Nathan talked about how excited he was to get presents and that he has been mostly good all year. Valerie drew an adorable picture of Santa and Aidan asked Santa if he was good and then told him he believes he has been very well-behaved all year. I sealed them up in the special envelope and tucked it away.  I do not want to mail the letters. I want to keep these sweet memories for when they are grown. I know someday they will be grown and I hope they keep the magic alive for their children.