August was a crazy month for me.  It seems like yesterday that my husband and I were sitting in the living room with the August calendar in front of us talking about all of our plans.  I knew it would be a lot, and it was.  We had Noah’s first birthday party one weekend and spent the other three weekends traveling.  It’s nice to be home, but I feel like a frazzled mess.  My son isn’t sleeping, I have so much work to do for my business, and the house is a mess.  I know it’s important to keep things in perspective, so here are some simple things I do to settle myself when I’m feeling overwhelmed:

1)  Make my son laugh:  It’s easy to do, he’s one.  Nothing makes me stop and enjoy the moment more than when my son laughs.  He has even starting laughing whenever he hears somebody else laugh.  Those moments are priceless.

2)  Schedule something fun:  Make sure your fun event is within the next week.  It always helps to have something to look forward to.  My husband and I haven’t had a night out since our anniversary in June!  I just scheduled a babysitter and purchased tickets to a Reds game for a much needed date night later this week.

3)  Make the bed:  I don’t know what it is, but whenever my bed is made, I feel like the house is so much cleaner.  I try to make it as soon as I get up.  There’s something about a small accomplishment the first thing in the morning.

4)  Focus on the positive and remember you’re more fortunate than others:  Labor Day weekend is a reflective time for me.  We brought our son home from the hospital this day last year after two weeks in the hospital.  It’s amazing to think about how my life has changed in one year and how fortunate we are to have a healthy and happy baby.

5)  Wear something that makes you feel good:  It doesn’t have to be something fancy, expensive, or new.  It can be your favorite pair of jeans, your favorite yoga pants, or your favorite shoes.  When you feel good, you look good and that can help your mood.

What do you do to help yourself focus and stay positive when you’re feeling overwhelmed?