There’s this inherent need to see others doing the thing that we want most. We like knowing that our biggest goals are attainable. That’s where vision boards come in. Whether you’re old school and still love cutting out pictures and workouts from your favorite magazines, or you’ve fully embraced the technology that is Pinterest, these compilations of images and quotes really seem to build and sustain motivation. No matter what you’re striving for.


Looking for a big promotion or just a pay bump? Sort through Forbes, Inc., and Fortune’s list of 2013’s 50 Most Power Women in Business to find exactly the kind of pick-me-up you’re looking for. Use photos of women achieving their dreams to help push you along to achieve yours. Grab ideas for ways to phrase your accomplishments from their interviews. Cut out some quotes and stick them in your planner, have alerts pop up on your iPhone with your favorite quotes for days leading up to your meeting, or create that “Business Savvy” Pinterest board and pin away.


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If you’re hitting a rut in your workouts, I highly recommend jumping on the Pinterest bandwagon for this one. There are an endless number of “fitspo” photos, day-of-the-week quick workouts, and motivating quotes that are sure to keep your focus. One of my favorite quotes about running when I first decided that I was going to make it a part of my life is, “When your legs get tired, run with your heart.” It helped to remind me that running was something I wanted to do, not something I was being forced into.


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One of my favorite types of vision boards is for the home. There are so many different ways you can decorate that it’s easy to grab bits and pieces from here and there and end up with something that looks like your kids’ playroom after a weekend of refusing to pick up after them! Grabbing pictures from magazines, color palettes from the paint store, and fabric samples really help to hone in style. It lets you see whether pieces really do work together, or if you’re going to end up with something eclectic and loud when you’re really going for chic and neutral.

I’m a big fan of the vision board. No matter what you’re choosing to use it for. There’s always something you should be striving toward and part of that planning process should be to envision the result. Take advantage of the tools out there for you. Check out some of my Pinterest vision boards here!