We all know the pioneer of aerobics and home workouts, Jane Fonda. Who can forget the exercise apparel in those videos?! Celeb Trainer Kathy Kaehler actually got her start from that very leotard-clad lady. Believe it or not, before that phone call, Kaehler had started out her fitness training career in Colorado (without ever seeing a paycheck). Since that fateful phone call that lead to a job training Jane Fonda’s guests at her home in Laurel Springs, California, Kaehler’s phone hasn’t stopped ringing. From Julia Roberts, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Cindy Crawford – to Jennifer Aniston, Drew Barrymore, and Jennifer Lopez, Kathy is responsible for all of these famous figures. Kathy has also appeared in most of the media giants: Today Show, Shape, In Touch, Good Day LA, Fitness, among many others.

If her credentials don’t speak for themselves, we will go ahead and turn it over to Kathy who has a booty kickin’ workout for you!

From Kathy Kaehler:

When I train a celebrity, it is important for me to create a workout that they are going to feel good doing.  Exercises that are effective, in that you feel the spot you are working and you feel the spot you were working, the next day.  I love using exercises that can be done anywhere as a celebrity is always on the go.  Below is a workout that focuses on the butt.

  • Warm-up: March in place, run in place, jumping jacks and repeat.
  • Lunge Forward: Stepping forward and bending attacks the thigh and the butt.
  • Lunch Backward: Stepping backward hits the same muscles, but changes the angles.
  • Squat with a knee lift: Bending both knees as the butt lowers back. This targets the glutes, pulling the knee up challenges the balance.
  • Leg Curl: Bringing the heel to the butt will grab the hamstring and tighten the back of the thigh.
  • Side Leg Lift into a knee pull into a leg forward extension. All three of these will get the outside of the thigh and burn it.
  • Hip Lift butt lifter:  The most targeted exercise for the back of the thigh and butt.  Lift and feel it.

I have my clients do 1 set of all the exercises.  3 sets in total.

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