What’s the deal with flax seeds? Why all the buzz? Turns out all of the buzz is with good reason. Flax seeds and their products contain high amounts of omega-3, fiber and anti-oxidants. This little seed is a triple-whammy when it comes to health. Here are 11 fantastic products that will help you to get more of this super food into your diet.

Barlean’s Organic Oils: Highest Lignan Flax Oil 16 ozThis omega-rich oil is the perfect addition to your morning smoothie, as your oil in salad dressing or cooking oil. You can also use this product as a hair conditioning treatment. Just be sure to do that before you shampoo!

barleans flax oil

Morning Sunshine Breakfast Cookie: Dark Chocolate Flax Bucket 36 ozCookies?! For breakfast?! That’s right people. Eat like the cookie monster guilt free with these delicious breakfast cookies. Not only are they nutritionally sound, but they are sure to fill you up thanks to their high protein and fiber content.

morning sunshine flax cookie

Enjoy Life Foods: Crunchy Flax Cereal 10 oz:With this cereal, you can even get the kids to enjoy flax seeds! This gluten free cereal contains 540mg of omega-3s per serving!

enjoy life crunchy flax

GoRaw: Flax Snax – Pizza 3 ozA pizza-flavored snack that is healthy, too? Yes, please!  If you get savory snack cravings like we do but do not want to blow your entire day of eating with a piece of pizza, these Flax Snax are going to be your new best friend.

go raw pizza flax

Chappaqua Crunch Granola with Pomegranate and FlaxGranola had so many different uses. It is especially good as a yogurt topping! This granola is particularly nutritious because it is gluten-free, preservative free and low sugar.

flax granola

newTree: Quinoa Flax Dark Chocolate – 3 Pack Large BarI am always looking for an excuse to eat chocolate. This chocolate has twice the fiber then other chocolate bars plus a healthy does of omega-3s! Sounds good to me!



KIND: Almond & Cashew Bars w/ Flax + Omega-3Flax to-go! This bar is all-natural, gluten free and full of fiber to fill you up. It is the perfect mid-morning snack for you or the kids.

kind flax

Frontier Co-Op: Organic Whole Flax Seeds 1 lbWhole flax seeds are a great ingredient to have on hand. You can ground your own and make flax meal, add them to bars or cereals or throw them in your oatmeal. The list is endless!

frontier flax seeds

Foods Alive: Meg’s Sweet & Sassy Organic Flax Dressing (3 pk, 8 oz)Finding a healthy, pre-packaged salad dressing is an almost impossible task these days. Food Alive goes against the grain with this Sweet & Sassy Flax Super Dressing! We love that it comes in a 3 pack so we can keep one at home, one at the office and one in our purse!

food alive dressing

GoRaw: Flax Snax 3 oz: Raw food friendly full of heart healthy fats! This snacks combines herbs with flax seeds in bite-size snacks! Pop ‘em while running errands for sustainable energy all day long.

goraw sunflower flx

Raw Bistro Pet Fare: Yam + Flax Dog Treats 6.5 ozEven Fido can get his daily dose of omega-3 with Raw Bistro’s dog treats. These treats have 2 ingredients: Yam and Flax. No need to worry that you are feeding your dog mystery ingredients with these wholesome treats.

raw bistro dog treats

What is your favorite flax snack or recipe? Do you use them in any of your smoothies or baking?