These super cute, and comfy, jeans can be worn with heels to dress them up, or flip flops to have a more casual feel!

Just because we become Moms, does not mean we have to give up our sense of style and fashion. I know we all get overwhelmed at times, and the last thing we feel like doing is getting dressed up and spending time on ourselves, but that is not good for us or anyone else in the family.  I find that if I start neglecting myself and I don’t make time to work out and spend a little “me” time, then I become a not so happy mama.  I personally love being a mom, and I waited a very long time for it to happen, but I also love going and getting my hair done or spending an hour relaxing and getting a pedicure.  It doesn’t make me selfish or vain, it makes me happy!  I know sometimes we get so lost in being the perfect mom, wife, and some of us even juggle a career among everything else, so sometimes our wants and needs fall to the way side.  I have always told my personal training clients, and my friends, “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” 🙂

So, my advice for this blog…….don’t fall victim to what I call “mom” jeans.  You know the ones that you can still fit in, but you also wore back in the 80″s?  Just because you can still wear them, doesn’t mean you should!  Go out and buy yourself a new pair of sexy, hot, in style jeans and make a date with the hubby, boyfriend (if your single), or with your friends and show off all the hard work you put into staying fit and healthy!  YOU deserve it!!!  It doesn’t mean you are vain or a bad mom just because you want to still look, and feel, HOT and sexy.  Look at Heidi Klum or Jennifer Lopez.  Some of the hottest, sexiest, and fittest women are also wonderful moms that prove you really can have it all.  Now, we may not be able to afford all the luxuries of some of these big stars, but we can surely afford a great pair of jeans!