Have you met Google?  We are pretty tight these days.  I pretty much go to him daily for advice.  He is well educated on things from diaper rashes to recipes and has helped me self diagnose dare I say..HUNDREDS of diseases I have accumulated just over the course of the last three years.  Yes, I exaggerate.  I am fairly certain I have never actually been diagnosed with any disease, but Google would say otherwise.

Today I woke up with a red rash, in place of what I had thought to be a mosquito bite.  I called my mom, and the words she uttered “why don’t you Google it” literally made me laugh out loud.  If I Google it I know the outcome in the end with be an unavoidable death from an unimaginable disease that even House himself could not diagnose.  But alas, I listened to my mother.  You know what I found out!?  I have a lyme, flesh eating, bacterial disease that will…most certainly…end in an unavoidable death!

Why? Why did I listen to my mother?- LOVE YOU MOM  I’ve truly got to stop depending so much on my Pal Google and start calling the doctor more often!  I can hear the conversation now:

“Ashley, it’s just a bug bite”

“But Google said…”

Do you do this too?  Or am I the only crazy that believes the internet to be a viable source of diagnosis?