Resolutions are so much easier said than done. But with all the great online support from Skinny Mom, keeping up with the New You Beyond the New Year Challenge will not only be manageable, but FUN as well!

Here at SM, we don’t just want to challenge you with a post and be done for the day…we want to help you succeed and see your amazing results. To do that, however; we all need to keep each other accountable.

That’s where the Photo A-Day Instagram challenge helps.

Here are the details for the Photo-A-Day Support for January’s Jump in and Break a Sweat Challenge!

  • Each day all participants will post the corresponding day’s photo from the challenge (see image to the right) (for example: your new running shoes)
  • These will correlate with our month’s theme: Getting started and Breaking a Sweat or fitness and a healthy start
  • Grab your smartphone, take a pic of your shoes and post it on Skinny Mom’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter pages. Don’t forget to post it on your social media pages as well. Remember, the more people that know your Healthy Resolution, the more likely you are to succeed. The SM staff will be posting their participation photos too!

Let’s put our social media to good use and kick this challenge into high gear!