Noah hanging with mom at Trend Boutique

I enjoy being a small business owner and love that it involves the fashion industry.  I also love being a mom to 9 month old Noah.  One of the best things about owning my own boutique, Trend Boutique, is that I can enjoy these two loves at the same time by taking Noah to the store with me.  I don’t do it all of the time, and really, now that he’s getting more mobile, I only do it when I really have to.  By that I mean my two employees can’t work, my husband has to work or is out of town for work, my mom can’t watch him, and the babysitter has a conflict.  A lot of variables have to collide, and today is one of those days.

I used to stress about these days.  What are the customers going to think, what if he cries, what if he needs his diaper changed, or what if I have to feed him when I should be helping a customer?  The reality is, and what I’ve learned since taking him with me on multiple occasions, people are really understanding.  Other moms are really, really understanding.  And in fact, many of my regular customers enjoy meeting him.  I worked the majority of the hours in the store before I was pregnant and while I was pregnant, so my customers have been on this journey of pre-baby, pregnancy, and mommy-hood with me.

I know many moms aren’t mompreneurs and don’t have the luxury of taking their kids to work with them.  And, I realize that my days are numbered before Noah gets too mobile and will be able to get his hands on all of the merchandise.  I mean, who doesn’t want to buy a dress that has been sucked on by a baby, been grabbed by sticky hands, or that has served as a tool for getting from a seated to standing position?  I’ve also realized that much of life is about expectations.  We set expectations for ourselves, kids, significant others, friends, etc.  Before, I would take Noah to the store with me and have a list of things that I just HAD to get done.  Then, I’d leave the store a few hours later frustrated because I got nothing done.  Now, I focus on the fact that the store is open and I’m spending time with my son.  If I do get something done, it’s an added bonus.

The moral of this blog?  Don’t stress as much about what other people think when you have to tote your kid along to certain things.  And if you are one of those people who passes too much judgement, think twice, you never know where you may find yourself one day.