If you ask an adult what they disliked most about being the youngest child their number one answer is normally these three words ” HAND ME DOWNS!”  As a mother of three, my youngest has by far gotten the most hand me downs.  The problem is, I’ve got two boys and a girl.   In this case it can get a little a tricky.  My youngest, Brylan, played his first season of soccer this Spring.  Rather than going shopping for new cleats, I just went through the big box of cleats in the basement.  What I realized was,  a lot of them were pink.  My daughter loves the “girly” cleats and I personally  think little girls look adorable in pink cleats as well.  Luckily, there was a pair of red ones so I didn’t have to go shopping for a pair  that would only be worn  for a season.  My daughter’s trying out for a select team, today actually, and I took her shopping last night for new cleats. While there I found a pair that screamed “Skinny Mom Blog!”  I wish I had gotten this particular style all along.  They are called JR Nike Interchange FGR and you can change the color of the Nike swoosh from pink, blue, gold, etc….PERFECT for hand me downs with families of boys and girls!!  Now my daughter, Brooklynn, can wear her pink cleats and when they get passed to little brother he can make them match his uniform, etc!  The price is very reasonable ranging from 26.00 – 29.00. You pay a little more than the cheaper 19.99 cleats, but worth it if you plan on passing them along to siblings!