My best girlfriends and I running the Flying Pig Marathon 5k this year

Hi everyone!

Today is National Running Day and I am so excited and I want you all to get excited too!  I am excited because I made a bet with my husband to see who could log the most miles during the month of June and I am inviting you all to join too!  That’s right, we are going to see who can run the most miles during the month of June and more important than the distance that we run, is just making the effort to run everyday during the month of June.

Please join me in running every single day during the month of June!

So let’s really do this thing and start logging those miles today!  I know that it is so easy to make a thousand excuses as to
“Why today is not a good day” or “Tomorrow is a better day to start.”  Believe me, I know the feeling.  I know what it is like to do a million things: family, work, friends.  It is so easy to forget about taking care of ourselves and remembering to exercise.  However, I also know that I just had a baby and I want to be my fittest and healthiest self for him, my husband, and for me!  I am betting that all of you want to your fittest and healthiest self’s too!

I will blog, tweet, and Facebook my progress and please share your experiences too and of course how many miles that you log everyday!  Post your pics, videos, and inspiring words…remember we are all in this together!  Of course, some days will be easy and some days will be a struggle but in the end it will feel amazing to finish and the sense of accomplishment that you will feel will be priceless!

Let’s do this!  On your mark get set go! I will see you at the finish line!