While we can all agree that the perfect outfit can make or break an awesome summer day, there is certainly no denying that complimenting that perfect outfit with the perfect jewelry is necessary to complete the look. Jewelry can dress up a look, make it more funky or trendy and even be the key piece in taking an outfit from day to night. To get the low down on this summer’s hottest jewelry trends, we asked Jodi Lin Wiener, PR Director for ORA Showroomto let us in on the secrets to having this season’s hottest accessories.


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Animal inspired… Animal prints are always hot for items like handbags and shoes, but recently they are making their way into jewelry lines as well. Everything from leopard printed earrings and bracelets to diamond, tiger rings are a huge trend on the runways this summer. Even African inspired metal necklaces showcasing animals like elephants and giraffes are becoming the ultimate compliment to the little black dress.


Art Deco…We all love the look of art deco on our walls. The geometrical shapes and patterns give boldness to the basic wall, but did you know that the same fierceness is available in jewelry? Art deco pieces are popping up everywhere this season. From bold and bright necklaces to less severe pieces like rings and earrings, art deco pieces make it simple to make accessorizing a true work of art.


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Mixed Metal… While it used to be fashion faux pas to mix a pair of gold earrings with a silver bracelet, this season mixed metals in among the hottest of trends. Give this trend a whirl by pairing the metals separately in different pieces or buy wearing pieces that combined the two into one unique look. Either way, you’re no longer to tied to claiming to be a “gold” or “silver” girl, what’s hot now is creating a look that has a little room for both.


Tortoise shell… Much like animal print inspired pieces, tortoise shell jewelry gives a naturally exotic kick to the accessory norm. The colors are neutral enough to pair with shorts and a tank top for day yet still sexy enough to top off that sweet little sundress for evening.


No matter what look you choose for summer, keep in mind that the hottest jewelry trends are all about breaking the rules of fashion’s past. Finding the right accessories to mix together can compliment even the most basic of looks, and let’s face it, what’s more fun than a day of playing dress up?


Sian Bitner-Kearney