It’s a skinny, narrow piece of plastic, only one inch wide and just over four feet long, but it carries with it the power to take your workouts to a new level. LA-based fitness trainer Ashley Borden is referring to what she affectionately calls her “posture stick” – a thin pvc pipe that very few trainers truly integrate into their clients’ programs.

“The Posture Stick, when held along the length of your spine during certain exercises, gives you immediate feedback on spinal alignment, core control and proper movement patters,” explain Borden.  “It’s terrific for beginners because its lightweight, which helps clients practice barbell work without the fear of injury. It’s also easy to use for people at any fitness level.”

The best part, is the Posture Stick can be purchased at any local hardware store for less than 10 dollars, which fits into everyone’s budget.


Borden finds the multiple benefits of her Posture Stick include:

  • Helps with Strength Progression: Add a new dimension to traditional squats and lunges, by holding the Posture Stick overhead – thus challenging the core and increasing cardio without the risk of mishandling a barbell.
  • Improves Flexibility: You can use the Posture Stick to help open up your chest, your lats, shoulders and triceps.
  • Heightens Postural and Core Awareness: The feel of the stick against the spine offers immediate sensory feedback about activating your core and proper alignment.
  • Increases the Calorie Burn:  The additional intensity of adding the Posture Stick to any move ups the calorie burn and the overall muscle activation.
“Early in my career, before I discovered the PVC pipe, I literally used to rummage through the closet and disassemble the clothing rod, drop the clothes to the floor, and use the rod for the workout. Some trainers I know used broom or swiffer sticks! Thank goodness for today’s PVC pipe.”

To see Ashley use the Posture Stick in a variety of exercises, click here.

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