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Volunteering or giving back to my community has always been important to me and now that my kids are a little older, I want to start showing them ways they can volunteer and give back to our community, too. My kids feel great about themselves when they get to help around the house! I believe it builds self-esteem and teaches responsibility also. Below are just a few ways that kids can help, too!

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1. Collect toys, books, games and crafts for a local hospital. We are fortunate enough to have a Children’s Hospital in our city. They always welcome donations of gently used or new toys, books, stickers, games, etc. These simple items mean the world to a child who is being treated at a hospital.

2. Help neighbors or other local senior citizens with housework or outdoor chores. In our neighborhood, we have a few neighbors that have started asking our boys for help with grass cutting or raking leaves. Most kids love being outside, so getting them to help with chores means the world to someone who is not physically able to complete them.

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3. Participate in a local walk or run. There are lots of different organizations that kids or families can participate in! Finding a local event or cause is a great way to not only exercise as a family, but also show children how you are supporting or donating to an organization or cause.

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4. Compile and send shoeboxes to children overseas. Operation Christmas Child is a great opportunity for kids to put together small packages for children around the world. Items can range from soccer balls, toothbrushes, crayons, school supplies, etc. My kids love giving gifts and this is a perfect way for them to show their love to another child.

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5. Donate used clothing or shoes to local shelters. Most communities or churches hold drives or take donations for shelters or those in need. Enlist the kids in going through clothes, shoes and toys to donate to help those in need! I have done this with our kids and it makes them feel great to be able to give toys and clothes to someone who needs them and would cherish them!