How many years has it been since you have had a job interview? For me, it has been 5 years. I have been a stay at home mom for 2 years, but prior to that I had been at my position as a Director of Special Education for 3 years. The last time I had to walk in to an interview, I was rocking a black jacket, a hot red shirt, sleek black pants and awesome black shoes. I had just had my hair highlighted and styled and everything waxed!

Today, I am about to go to a very part time job interview, so many thoughts are running through my mind. Here are a few and some you might want to think about before you leave the world of screaming kids and jump back in to screaming adults.

  • Should I wear black pants? If someone wipes a booger on me on the way out the door it will show up something awful.
  • Do I even own black pants that aren’t yoga pants?
  • How can I style my hair so that my roots that are way overdue for a touch up don’t show?
  • Remember to wash hands with sanitizer, so when I shake hands I don’t give them the latest germ from our house.
  • How early am I going to have to get everyone ready so I can get out the door on time to get to the interview?

The list goes on, but you get the idea. I am really quite nervous about sitting down to talk to someone about “me” when for the last couple of years nothing has been about “me.” As a mom, your life really is centered on your children so to sit down and talk about anything but them is going to be quite difficult. I will just have to remember that when the “Tell me about yourself” question comes up, I don’t go into too much detail about potty training, diapers, pacifiers and bottles.

Have you interviewed for a job lately or left the stay at home world to work outside the home?