Tired of running by yourself? Concerned about the safety of walking or running alone? Have you considered starting a running group? Starting a running group can be extremely simple. I started a walking/running group in my small town primarily through Facebook. I simply just asked my “friends” if anyone would be interested on meeting up for runs or walks twice a week. Here are a few tips to follow when starting a running group:

  • Invite friends, family, parents of your children’s friends, your church family, or acquaintances.
  • Encourage others to invite “their people” as well.
  • Choose two different times to meet, possibly a morning and evening to accommodate everyone.
  • Plan a well-lit, safe route.
  • Encourage each other; make sure there is someone for everyone so that no one gets left behind.
  • Sign up for local races together to encourage each other to keep moving.
  • Choose a different leader each night, so if you can’t be there the group doesn’t “fall apart.”

Your group will slowly grow from the first few pioneers to a very diverse group of individuals. You can make it as big as you want depending on who you invite to be a part of your group.

Good luck starting your running group! Remember there is safety in numbers and when you know someone else is waiting for you to do that workout it is a lot harder to stay in bed!