I’m doing it again. I’m taking on the Insanity challenge. If you want to see real changes in your body, this is the workout for you. It’s not easy. But it’s not a gimmick either, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth.

I’ve attempted the Insanity challenge before. I say attempted only because I’ve never done the complete 60 days or followed it to the tee. I often have started it and kept up for a few weeks and then slowed down by incorporating my gym workouts and such with it and just throwing in a DVD when I didn’t have time to get out of the house for a workout.

I was visiting my family all the way across the country last week and found out my big brother owns the workout program as well, and we decided to take on the challenge together long-distance as a way for each of us to have someone to help stay motivated. I really think with this kind of partnership, I can go the distance and complete the entire 60 days. I do love the workout…it gives a great sense of accomplishment each time I power through an excruciating workout and that is what keeps me coming back for more. Trust me, after a few of the workouts, you’ll likely feel that way too.

He and I check in with each other via phone, text, or Facebook each day and it’s been working well. I definitely recommend a buddy when you start a program – but only a buddy that will help you stay motivated. I’m on Day 4 and I’ve already lost a couple of pounds. It’s a great jump-start after you’ve gotten off track. I know that it might not be actual weight loss at this point, but I can see the difference in my midsection – a lot less bloat going on!

Have you ever tried this workout program? Are you willing?

Disclaimer: This was not a paid post. I just truly love Insanity and I believe in the results it can give.