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So, I completed the first two weeks of the Insanity program this weekend and weighed myself and took measurements as soon as I woke up yesterday. The results are as follows: I am down 4 lbs, lost 1/2″ off of my waist and 1/2″ off of each thigh. While I must admit I was hoping for a slightly bigger inch loss, and was unhappy that I haven’t lost anything off of either arm, I am at least hopeful I will continue to get results. Please keep in mind that aside from a cheat meal yesterday and a couple of Michelob Ultras that I had Saturday night, my diet has been pretty much perfect. So, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that all of this exhaustion I am enduring while grumbling through the Insanity workouts will finally pay off, and I will slip into that white wedding dress looking and feeling gorgeous!