Tire Hop (not me pictured)

Am I insane? After what I just accomplished, I’d say DEFINITELY. I write about fitness a lot and I truly enjoy working out, playing sports, and just enjoying the outdoors in general; but one thing I don’t write much about is running. Sprinting, yes. Running, no. Why? Because I so very much dislike running. I have done a lot of it through my competitive sports life and I never enjoyed it then! So, why did I agree to participate in a 4 mile insanity obstacle course run? Well, because I naturally have a competitive spirit. Having just had my son 6 months ago, I feel even more obligated to “prove” myself TO myself. Mix in a minor respiratory infection the entire week prior to the race and you have double the insanity.

We ran the race with 3 other couples so that was really cool! The first obstacle was jumping over and crawling under hurdles (ouch). The second was army crawling under a net (not big butt friendly). The third was slalom jumps over those metal parking spot stoppers (don’t know their exact name) and let’s just say it’s a miracle that no one busted their chops on that one! The 4th was a hay stack climb at mile 2 .5 which is also where the very first water station was (yeah…. that’s not a joke). The 5th was a rope climb up a 20 foot blowup slide into water (running another mile after that in wet clothes and shoes, ouch). Lastly was the tire hops (I did it all high knees style and didn’t eat the dirt!). The last quarter mile was the hardest, especially because I was expecting a 5k, not a 5k PLUS .75 miles! As I crossed the finish line, I was dry heaving about to throw up (I think from dehydration) but didn’t! As challenging as this was and although the last mile was unexpected, I still had a blast and will definitely be doing one again! The beer afterwards wasn’t too shabby either.

Lessons learned THIS time:

  1. Eat SOMETHING beforehand.
  2. Better prepare myself.
  3. Bring my OWN water bottle with.