Getting ready to run the Runway Run in Bellevue, NE.

I’ve been a runner off and on for about 15 years. I first started running when I was in college. I was never really that serious about it and I never “trained” for anything. I did run quite a few races but nothing longer than a 5K. After college, I joined the Navy. I didn’t run much during this time. Mostly, I just ran twice a year for the required physical fitness tests. Toward the end of my time in the Navy, my husband and I started running together. Then we started having kids… back to not running. After our second child was born, I was really unhappy with how I looked and felt so we bought an elliptical. I started getting back in shape “running” on the elliptical. Since then, I’ve lost 60 pounds, run in more than 25 races (everything from a 5k to a half marathon), had another baby and kept on running. Most recently (last Sunday), I ran a 7 mile race and got 3rd place.

Since I like to swim and bike too, I decided it was time to try a triathlon. I’ve signed up to compete in the Omaha Women’s Triathlon. It’s only about 2 weeks away. I’m starting to feel a little nervous about it. I probably shouldn’t admit this but I haven’t really done any “training” specifically for it. It’s a sprint distance tri (750m swim, 20K bike, and 5K run). I swim about a mile and a half once a week. I’m not super fast but I get it done and I don’t drown. I ride my bike when I can and do spinning at the gym. I run a couple of times a week and did a half marathon about a month ago. I’ve done a couple of “brick” (bike-run) workouts. My bricks were 45 minutes of interval spinning followed by a quick 5k on the indoor track at the gym.

So why am I feeling nervous about this? Mostly because I’ve never done one, so I don’t truly know what to expect. The second reason… the swim is in a lake. Even though I grew up swimming in lakes, I’m not a big fan of it. I like to be able to see my feet. I don’t like mud squishing up between my toes or slimy bottoms. I like clean water, like swimming pools or the ocean in Hawaii. Lakes, not so much. That being said, I’m already signed up so I’m committed. In hope of getting used to the open water lake swim, I’m attending a practice swim tonight. Wish me luck! Anyone have any good advice for getting over my dislike of lake swimming?

And if you want to try a tri too, come do the Omaha Women’s Triathlon with me on June 3rd. Registration is still open.