This month Skinny Mom wants to focus on the small steps it takes to make a big change. We’re asking moms to commit to running or walking a mile each day during the month of September. By the end of the month, we want moms to be able to say they’ve completed a marathon. Learn more about the Marathon Mom Virtual 26.2 here!

Beginning a new workout routine is always a little daunting, and let’s face it, sometimes we’ll find any excuse to bow out before we’ve truly begun.  Don’t let the wrong pair of shoes be an excuse that stops you from pushing forward and accomplishing your goal.   There is nothing worse than working out while in pain from an injury caused from having improper equipment.  One of the best ways to get a great workout and eliminate discomfort and pain is to ensure that you have the right shoe.


There are many different types of workout shoes, and each type is geared specifically towards whatever activity you’re doing!  When looking for that perfect shoe, look for a store that specializes in the type of activity that you are hoping to incorporate into your exercise.  If you’re just getting started, ask a personal trainer or an athletic professional in your area for a recommendation.

Having the right shoe doesn’t just mean buying the most expensive name brand shoe you can find.  Your workout shoe should be specific to the type of workout you’re doing.

Here are some examples of the different types of work out shoes:

Running: Runners or joggers put more pressure on their feet, so they need a shoe that provides more cushioning.  You can find several different types of running shoes just in this category alone! When you speak with the sales person, explain exactly what type of running or walking you’ll be doing.  Will you be running in rough terrain or on a running track? These are important things to know before you blindly pick out a shoe. There is also a new trend in running shoes called the minimalist.  These shoes are meant to mimic running barefoot.  If you’re flatfooted, these are probably not the best shoe for you.  (photo credit)


Walking: Walking shoes will not have as much cushion as running shoes but they should have good flexibility.  If you want to wear these as an every day shoe too, expect them to wear out faster.  I recommend having one pair of shoes for working out and one for every day use.  (photo credit)


Cross Training: Cross Training shoes are made for use with a variety of workouts, thus the name “cross-trainers.”  They can be used for running, walking, gym workouts and for use with other fitness classes as well, making them a better investment than just using something like a running shoe. (photo credit)


Specialty:  If you’re like my husband, you have to buy a basketball shoe to play basketball.  When we were first married, I bought him these great pair of Nike’s because he complained that he needed new basketball shoes.  Little did I know that you have to have just the right ankle support when perfecting your jump-shot.  Now, I know!  A specialty shoe is geared towards whatever specific sport you’re playing like football, basketball, tennis, biking/spinning (pictured below), etc.  (photo credit)


Whatever shoe you choose, make sure you choose one that is comfortable on you in the store.  Don’t expect to break the shoe in so that it becomes more comfortable later on.  If it’s not comfortable at the store, it most likely will not be so during your workout.  Find your perfect shoe and get moving!

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