While cloudy mornings and the sound of neighbors scrapping their windows may have you longing to hibernate for another three months, believe it or not, spring is actually right around the corner. Along with April showers and May flowers, is the long loved tradition of Easter and that’s right… the annual Easter egg hunt!

While most parents would agree, watching children color eggs and fill the room with conversation about the Easter baskets they are hoping for is adorable; many would also agree that the typical Easter egg hunt is just not all it’s cracked up to be.

This year, instead of hiding eggs in random corners of the house or yard, try these tips to put a little excitement into your hunt:

  • Make it a party…  Invite neighbors and friends to meet at a local park and join your family in the hunt. Appoint a few parents to help hide the eggs before everyone arrives and ask every family to bring a dish to share. After the children have completed their hunt, everyone can spend the rest of the morning relaxing and enjoying time together.
  • Have them look for buried treasure…  Instead of leading your children around the house playing the “hot” and “cold” game, create a map of the area where all of the Easter treasures can be found. Create keys on the map that signify eggs, prizes, and a special one for the Easter basket. You can even offer a special prize to the child who finds all of his or her treasures first!
  • Have a hunt for the grownups… Once the children have completed their hunt and are midway through their Easter sugar coma, invite them to hide some eggs for the grownups to find. Most grocers carry the little plastic eggs for about $6.00/dozen. Ask the children to write notes to place in the eggs, like “I love you mommy”, or “Happy Easter grandma”, or let them add a small piece of candy, and then let the hunt begin! After all, why should the kids get to be the only ones having fun?

Skinny Mom Fact: Americans love their Peeps! Studies show that each Easter season, Americans purchase over 700 million marshmallow peeps, with yellow chicks being the most popular.