As women, we have always heard the quips about how we can carry a bit more weight if we’re tall, and less if we’re short. Our bodies, and their parts, are compared to fruits or vegetables. Certain shapes of women should focus on this type of work out versus another. Or a certain body type needs to fill up on proteins instead of carbohydrates. But what does all this mean? What is the ideal weight for your body type?

First, you have to determine what your body type is. Fruits and vegetables aside, let’s talk reality.

According to WebMB, a healthy woman who is between five feet and six feet tall should have a waist measurement in the range of 24 to 35 inches. This puts you between 100 and 180 pounds respectively. It’s a large range to consider but the retort is true; a taller frame can carry a bit more weight.

Slim women at an average height that lack a little curve should be conscious of becoming too thin. Staying in the scope of 110 to 130 pounds would be considered ideal. Are you bigger in the hips and small up top? While it’s said that this body type is at a higher risk for health problems, there are still ways to maintain a fit weight at this shape. The range of 130 to 155 pounds is best. However, an hourglass shape is considered healthiest because it evenly distributes your body’s weight across your whole body.

Consider BMI and muscle mass when determining your ideal weight. While a healthy BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9 for adults, a stronger more solid woman could hold a higher number since muscle weighs more than fat.


Frames are usually divided into three separate categories: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. An ectomorph is lean and usually a bit more delicate. It’s harder to gain weight with this body type, so be careful not to be underweight. Mesomorphs are the typical athletic build. Muscle is easier to gain so you may seem heavier, but fat is also more easily gained and lost if your body is structured this way. An endomorph is soft and round and usually has a harder time losing excess weight. This body type is mostly fat, not muscle, so it’s important to be aware of weight gain. You can determine your place in these body types by taking this test offered by BodyBuilding.com.

Always remember that while many of these calculators are a great indication of where you should be, the most important factor is that you feel healthy and are able to live the lifestyle you enjoy. Shapes and sizes are not created equal. A perfectly healthy, active woman may have a small amount of extra love around the middle or carry a little more junk in the trunk!

(Dove Real Beauty Campaign photo credit)