Don’t you wish there were certain things you could buy at the grocery store? You know, things like energy (without buying those nasty energy drinks!) and motivation? There are days, like today, that I have zero motivation for much of anything. Shoot, I’ve been up for almost two hours already and still haven’t made myself breakfast. The dogs have been fed (that happens first thing or they’ll drive me crazy!), and I did get the dishes done and trash out (including my French press that I broke in the process of cleaning it out), but that’s it! Here I sit with a fat free chi tea latte (nuked from a mix—easy-peasy) like a slug. No workout done yet and no motivation or energy to do one. I’d love if I could just pop a motivation pill, or add some powdered motivation to my drink. In this world of innovations and discoveries, they can’t manage that???

Every mom has said, when her children are running wild, “I wish we could bottle that energy and sell it. We’d be rich!” No one’s figured out how to do it yet! But alas, like every other packaged mix, it wouldn’t be as good as the real thing. It’s like packaged meals—they’re never as good as home made, made with REAL wholesome ingredients. So I guess I’ll just dig deep and see what I can find. Maybe I’ll crank up the tunes on my iPhone and clean this house. Or dance while doing laundry. Or tackle that “flat surface syndrome” in my kitchen while throwing in some squats. Motivation doesn’t come from a bottle. It comes from within. So do it with me, people. Dig deep. It’s in you somewhere! I’m off to find mine.