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Summer is my favorite time for travel. I think it goes back to being sent down south for summers as a kid. I’d fly solo on the plane from NYC to South Florida and enjoy beach days and rule-free relaxation with my extended family all summer until school started up again.

So far, my husband John and I have taken two mini-vacations this summer. We took a cruise to the Bahamas without the kids and we took a road trip to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, with our oldest child. We are both on health and fitness journeys so we ensured our vacations reflected that.


Here’s how we exercised and still enjoyed our trips.

We chose healthy/fit venues. The Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina was the perfect place for a fit-focused weekend away. We enjoyed the 24-hour gym and the stretch/yoga deck with all the fun toys — which normal people would call “equipment”— and it was the perfect walkable location to stay active.

Our cruise had active excursions and a fully-stocked gym with convenient classes. We took advantage of all of it, even the walking track. My husband made good use of the basketball courts, too.

We went into the trip with a fitness mindset. This made all the difference. Even if we hadn’t picked healthy locations, we came with a fit mindset, so we were able to make healthy choices on-site.

We made exercise a game… Okay, a competition. My husband really thinks he can outrun me. I don’t have the heart to tell the poor dear that I let him win. We find a way to make games out of anything. Like little kids, we’ll race to the car or to the hotel room to see who makes it there first. We compete over who ran the farthest or took the most steps each day from looking at our apps. It’s fun and makes being active less of a chore.

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We built it in. We chose active excursions and to ensure we’d burn calories (in a fun way). On the cruise, we chose to snorkel and walk the beach instead of take a seated tour. In Ft. Lauderdale, we walked the area and spent a lot of time walking through the attractions and playing in the pool with our son.

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We “ate the frog.” There’s a personal development book called “Eat That Frog,” meaning you do the least desired item first to get it over with. For our dedicated workouts, we did them first thing in the morning. “Eating the frog” in that way allowed us freedom in how we approached the rest of the day.

We kept things balanced. All or nothing doesn’t work well for us… or anyone we know. Keeping a balanced approach helps keep us on track toward reaching our goals. We were active, but we indulged a bit, too. We ate meals on plan, but also enjoyed a few Starbucks drinks (with whip).

With a few more bits of summer travel on the horizon for us, I know we’ll be able to find a way to make those trips fun and health-focused as well.

How do you stay fit while you’re on vacation?

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