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Last week a friend of mine (and fellow Skinny Mom blogger, Mrs. Military) posted a status on Facebook that said she had just jump started a truck after the group of men occupying it insisted that she wouldn’t be able. After a conversation with another friend today, I realized that scenarios such as these are surprisingly common. Don’t people realize it’s 2012?! Yesterday the US celebrated the 92nd anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment. That’s NINETY-TWO (please excuse my shouty capitals) years that women have had the right to vote. Why are there still so many people who expect women to be cooped up in the house ironing our husbands’ pants?

It got me thinking about the times I’ve seen situations like this unfold. If a woman is seen out mowing her lawn, putting down mulch, or doing any sort of heavy lifting/manual labor some people automatically assume she is single and pity her. (Side note – no one should be pitied just for being single. Go single moms!) I’ve been to the grocery store twice in the last year where I’ve had someone insist on helping me out to my car with my 30-40 lbs. of cat litter and say something like “you should really bring a man with you for this.”

Perhaps this is the angry pregnancy hormones talking, but I’d like anyone who has the grand idea that women can’t hold their own to be my next kickboxing partner. However, my friend brought up a pretty good comeback for those types of situations where “you should really bring a man” that doesn’t involve channeling my inner Chuck Norris… Throw the awkward right back at them! Say “Actually, my husband is in a coma after diving in front of a moving vehicle to save me, but I’ve been thinking about getting a replacement because carrying cat litter is just too hard. Do you know anyone who’s single?”

In honor of Women’s Equality Day, here’s some of my cans:

Yes, I can vote (Yay 19th Amendment!). Yes, I can carry that myself. Yes, I can jump start your car. Yes, I can change a flat tire. Yes, I can kick butt in the corporate world. Yes, I can do more push-ups than you (and not the “girly kind”!). Yes, I can shoot and clean a gun. Yes, I can understand football.

What are your cans?