Its funny, if I was asked to write about a family member or friend, I think the words would come to me easily. Yet, to write about myself, I seem at a lost for words. Who am I?? The obvious is easy, I am a 39 year old, stay at home mommy of four.  But after that, I seem to draw a blank. I know I am more then “just a mom”, but in a way, while becoming a mom just over twelve years ago, I think I started to lose the “who am I”…… perhaps that is what happens when you trade in a lifestyle of only having  to worry about yourself, to having children ( even a husband a lot of the time ) who solely depend on you. With that I traded in my make up, for permanent dark circles under my eyes,  “doing my hair”,  is now throwing it in a scrunchy on top of my head most of the time, and  I seem to live in my runners and sweats, yes, I feel like I justify it because I workout  and  they are Lululemons, but still, they are just a glorified sweat pant, right??

So I decided to ask the people closest to me to use one word to describe me – which might give some light on who I am…..
When I asked my children, it was interesting to hear their words…  twelve year old  daughter, Hannah said I am  BEAUTIFUL…just because you are she stated. Mackenzie who is 10, first used the word amazing( such a sweet boy) then decided to change his answer to FIT, saying because I exercise and take care of myself. Mason is 8 and I think my biggest cheerleader, he is always complimenting me one way or another, noticing the little things that no one else seems to. His word for me was TALENTED, because I am good at cutting his hair and making things…… Ethan is my youngest, he is 4 and when I asked him, he said I am STRONG, because  “holy you can do a lot of pushups”….My husband Geoff  has always teased, calling me the  “healthy” Martha Stewart, and jokes about how I need to have everything in it’s place and just so, or about my daily “system” to keep things running smoothly in our home ( some might call it control) described me as a NURTURER and how I take care of others first. Lastly I asked a couple of friends,  my best friend Vicki, said there were many words to describe me, but the first one that came to mind was HEALTHY, because it shows in everything I do, another friend, Melanie, chose the word TENACIOUS, ( in a good way she quickly added) saying that I don’t easily give up. So there you have it, I guess this is who I AM, without trying to sound conceited, I do agree with these  words,  not bad I guess for a “stay at home mom”……hey and what other job in the world pays you with hugs and kisses!?!

I decided to stitch some of  these words and place them in a frame on my desk, in case I ever lose sight again of who I AM!