HypnoBirthing is a relatively new approach to childbirth that offers moms a healthy way to have a natural childbirth in a calm atmosphere while experiencing less anxiety. The increasing interest of Eastern philosophies and meditation has no doubt transferred over to the area of childbirth, and pop culture has also played a role in the heightened interest of HypnoBirthing. Jessica Alba and Tiffany Thiessen have both been very open about their choice to use birthing preparation techniques involving deep relaxation methods, similar to those used in HypnoBirthing.

Take 5 Minutes to Tune Into Your Breathing

The “hypno” in HypnoBirthing stands for hypnosis, which is the foundation of this method. According to WebMD, The mom learns how to hypnotize herself as a way to decrease pain, anxiety, stress, and fear that can occur before and during childbirth.

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HypnoBirthing classes are offered in communities all over the country and abroad, and encourages moms and their families to use alternative terminology to help make the experience much more tranquil and positive. For example, the word “surge” is used in place of “contraction,” and “birthing” is used instead of “labor.” Any pain that is experienced during birthing is called pressure. The whole point of these HypnoBirthing classes is to help the moms eliminate any sense of fear or anxiety they may have about giving birth. By learning various self-hypnosis techniques, moms can train their minds to calm their bodies and reduce pain and discomfort felt throughout the birthing process. In the best scenario, HypnoBirthing methods can actually reprogram the inner mind to believe that the birth will be an easy, comfortable, and joyous experience.

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There are many benefits associated with HypnoBirthing, including:

  • A shorter labor because the usual anxiety can prevent the birthing muscles from engaging into action
  • The mother has higher involvement and awareness during the birthing process
  • It is believed that breech and posterior faced babies can be turned using hypnosis techniques
  • Ensures that your birthing partner is fully involved  to help you stay calm and focused
  • Reduces the risk of postnatal depression
  • Eliminates or reduces the need for painkillers, which reduces risks in both mom and baby
  • Babies born to moms through HypnoBirthing are reported to be calmer with improved sleeping and feeding patterns.

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While it may seem like a much more relaxed way, the HypnoBirthing method does not promise the childbirth will be pain-free. To become self-hypnotized, you must be fully willing to become hypnotized, so every woman who begins the HypnoBirthing method may not have the same results. Many women who have taken HypnoBirthing training still opt for epidurals while others opt to birth in the comfort of their own homes- completely natural. You should choose the method that you feel most comfortable with.