One of the first things people tell me when they starting trying to get in shape by working out and eating better is that they are hungry!  Sometimes our bodies give us signals that we think means it is time to eat, when in all actuality, it may mean something totally different. Unfortunately, we have been trained from a young age that when we think we are hungry, we should eat.  As babies, when we would cry one of the first things our parents did was give us a bottle.

As part of any healthy lifestyle change, we need to figure out what our body is really trying to tell us before we just assume that it is time to eat.  Here are a few things to consider when you think you are hungry:

1. Are you thirsty? Your body may be trying to tell you that you need more water. Try drinking a glass of water and waiting a few minutes to see if you still feel the need to eat. Adding a fresh lemon and/or lime to your water is a great way to change it up.
2. Are you bored? Sometimes when we don’t have anything better to do, we eat. So your body gets into a pattern of eating when you are bored. Try keeping yourself busy: go for a walk, call a friend, anything that doesn’t involve food for 15-20 minutes and see if you still feel hungry.
3. Are you tired? When your body is tired it gives you some of the same signals and clues as it does when you are hungry. If it is late and you feel these symptoms, go to bed. If it is during the day, take a short walk to revive yourself.

These are just a few of the things your body could be trying to tell you instead of “FEED ME”. Learn to listen to your body and fuel it properly when it is truly hungry and you will go a long way on your fitness journey!