There will come that day in October, when I wake up, get dressed, go outside and, there it is, the smell of Fall. I can’t put my finger on just what that scent is, but it happens every year. That moment is one of my favorite moments of the whole year because in that moment is the promise of cool mornings, hot chocolate and pumpkin everything…not to mention the clothes!!

I love nothing more than playing dress-up in the cooler months. Layers and accessories are what make dressing-up fun and Fall has the GREATEST accessories. Hats and scarves are everywhere you look, right now. But do you know what to buy and how to wear them? Here’s the skinny:


From your summer Fedoras to wide-brimmed felt hats, hats are a definite ‘DO’ this Fall. The most important thing to remember when rockin’ a hat is confidence. If you feel silly, it’ll look silly. Hats are in-style and gorgeous. Own it:) In a time-crunch, slick your hair into a low bun or side braid and top with a hat. Or let endless waves fall out on every side. Anyway you play it, a hat is like a cherry on the sundae. Some of my favs;


Scarves have taken fashion by storm, in part, because of their versatility. Personally, I love wrapping my head in a scarf, braiding the scarf ends into my hair and wrapping it all into a bun. Or try wrapping your whole head, 70’s turban-style, and layering with one of your cute Fall hats. I LOVE this look.

Both tube scarves and square or rectangular scarves also offer the practicality of warmth as the weather cools down . Here’s a link to an awesome tutorial site showing almost every way possible to turn any scarf into a fashion-forward, layering accessory for the season.

The most important thing is to just have fun with your Fall accessories. Remember, we’re girls. Our clothes should always have an element of dress-up fun!


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