Something has happened to me this year- I think I caught some kind of Christmas fever.

Every year since we’ve been married, we’ve traveled over the holidays.  This year is our first year out of the loft and living in a real house.  Our son is a year older and much more interactive (last Christmas he was only three months old), and to top it off I’ll be hosting my first ever Christmas dinner!  That is a lot of “firsts” and I think I’ve been bubbling over a bit with the excitement and possibility of it all.

Before me stands a blank slate of potential Christmas cheer:

  • decorations
  • music
  • recipes
  • traditions just waiting to come together to form the perfect family holiday experience

And I think I’ve gotten a bit overwhelmed.  I’ve been googling and pinning ideas left and right.  I’ve been making lists of baked goods to prepare, activities to do, and of course all of the homemade crafts and gifts I’ll obviously have time to create.  I was just starting to feel the onset of a bought of holly jolly high blood pressure when I had my revelation.   There is no possible way for me to do it all in one year… and after putting some thought into it, I’m okay with that.

It took me some time to realize that our first Christmas doesn’t have to be perfect – it is merely a beginning.  We’re still finding our way as a new family and this holiday is no different.  I cannot pick perfect family traditions from a list on the internet, real traditions develop on their own over time.  One day we will have favorite movies to share and favorite stories to tell, likely about this very first Christmas together.   For now, I just need to relax and let things happen.  I do not need to orchestrate every detail or gather a lifetimes worth of décor in just one season.

I’m still planning to have a whole lot of fun this holiday, I’ve just decided to take some of the pressure off of myself.   I want to make sure I worry less about setting the right atmosphere and focus more on things we can do together.  I’m still pinning recipes, but I’m looking for ideas that will help me spend less time in the kitchen and more time with my family.  I’m cutting back on my to-do list and focusing more on things I’m looking forward to.  A few examples are below:

  • Teaching Charlie Christmas songs
  • Making hand print ornaments for the tree
  • Visiting with Santa
  • Watching the Grinch in our PJs
  • Having friends over for cookies
  • Taking lots and lots of pictures

What are you most looking forward to this year?