If you have a daughter that recently went off to prom or a college grad, you may have seen a trend in springtime dresses: the cut out. I’m here to tell you ladies that a little cut out can work. But, we have to remember what’s classy and tasteful…as well as the event we are attending. Showing up to your kids’ friends or neighbors’ grad party may not be the best time. But, if you are going out with your hubby or your best girlfriends there are definitely options to pull off a tiny cut out!

Here are some of our picks and we’ll explain why these particular pieces work.

Front Cut Outs: While the midriff is a fabulous place to show off some skin for some of the younger mamas, here’s a general guideline for which styles work. Above the chest geometric cut outs are a great option. The deep v created by this triangular cut out is countered by the shift shape. Look for a balance in the dress. Click here to view the BCBG dress.


The Scoop Neck or “Peekaboo” Cut: It highlights the collar bone and chest in a fabulous way without being inappropriate. Be wary of the fit of the peekaboo top. Many women buy it a size too small or disregard their chest size when squeezing into the dress. It can turn very tacky if most of your cleavage is exposed. Make sure it hits somewhere like this cream Asos dress. Click here to view the dress.


We had to share this other “peekaboo” look with you because it ties into our current Great Gatsby obsession! The sequin detailing is beautiful and slightly angelic. It’s top teardrop cutouts provide that subtle sexy any confident mom can pull off. Check out this Miss Selfridge dress here

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.25.13 PM


Back Cut Outs:  It’s so true, a little back can be super sexy. We love the slight edginess of a banded back. So long as the bands are crossed enough to cover a little more of the back, it’s less scandalous and much more artsy. Even though the pictured black dress dips low, there’s enough criss crossed fabric to provide some coverage. The pattern created is also more interesting than the straight bands, which for some reason are a little more risqué looking.

The aqua or sea-foam green dress has an adorable open back. The slight shoulder coverage is very chic. It also provides a little more structure and coverage for the dreaded back fat. To see the dresses check out Skinny Mom on Polyvore here

Screen Shot 2013-05-14 at 2.26.15 PM