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Sometimes it can be easy to fall into bad habits. Instead of remembering that the key to being happy and healthy is a good mindset and focusing on a lifestyle you enjoy, you can instead fall into a rut of beating yourself up about your weight or depriving yourself of things you love. In my opinion, that is no way to live!

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Here are some quick tips that you can do to start being healthy and get to your goal weight, holistically.

View your choices as independent of one another. When you view exercise and dietary choices as independent from one another, you are able to engage your mind and body more fully in the present instead of focusing on how your ate or exercised in the past. That doesn’t matter anymore. Instead, step it up and focus on the present.

Eliminate self-induced guilt. There is no good that comes from making yourself feel guilty. Instead of feeling guilty about a choice you made, pinch yourself and snap out of it! Feeling guilty about not working out or blaming yourself for eating several cookies while you’re on a diet is not going to do anything but make yourself feel bad! Once you stop feeling guilty, you can have a good mindset to move forward from the choice you made.

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View your body as your complete self. Often times, we see our bodies separate from who we actually are. We don’t view it as being part of our complete self. When you mentally detach your body from being a part of you, you have the freedom to hate it, feed it junk, and expect it not to effect you negatively if you stop exercising. It’s different when you view your body and mind as a connected union, one person, YOU. Viewing yourself as a complete mind and body being is by far the most powerful mindset to being healthy, happy, and fit.

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Photo Credit: Step It Up with Steph

Photo Credit: Step It Up with Steph