Let’s face it, we all have a love/hate relationship with the phrase, “say cheese”. If it’s a great picture we immediately want a copy to upload to our Facebook page and show everyone how incredibly awesome we still look. If it’s a horrible picture, we make our friend promise us over and over to delete it, or at the very least give it a good dose of Photoshop before sharing. Since those flashes of IPhone cameras are not likely to stop anytime soon, it’s time to stop shying away and learn how to show the camera sexy each and every time!

Practice, practice, practice… According to LeAuara Luciano, celebrity makeup artist and stylist, if you want to look flawless in photos you need to practice when the cameras are off. Practice different angles, smiles and expressions to figure out which ones compliment you the most.

Grin and bear it… Once you have your smile down, use it. LeAuara says if your best smile is big and bright like Julia Roberts than beam on baby! Have more of that Posh Spice subtlety to your smile? Work it! Either way, before the camera clicks take a quick peep in a mirror to make sure there is no leftover food in your teeth and that your lips are properly moisturized.

De-shine… While we all want to look like star, no one is found of excess shine. Keep blotting sheets handy at all times and if necessary, make a quick trip to the bathroom to de-shine before the photo. The fresh, dewy look of well moisturized skin is one thing, but a t-zone that resembles an oil slick is a whole other issue.

Avoid the double chin… Regardless of weight, anyone can be a victim of quick camera double chin. To avoid the dreaded look, make sure you extend your neck just a bit. You’re not going for that, “E.T. phone home” look here but you do want to lift your chin just a bit. You should also make sure that the camera is either at eye level or slightly above. Never fall for the photographer who says he or she will lie on the ground and get a shot of everyone above looking down. That is an evil trick guaranteed to double down on your chin every time and haunt your photo scrapbooks for decades to come!

Photo credit: tyra-brianmcm.ordpress.com

Smile with your eyes… We have all heard Tyra Banks swear by this method and there’s a good reason why; it works. When posing for a photo think good thoughts. Those thoughts could be naughty ones about your significant other or simply your ego saying over and over again, “you are sexy girl!”  Either way, open those eyes ever so slightly and make them smile!

Work your personality… The most important tip to looking flawless in a photo is to relax and let your inner aura take over. Whether you’re sexy or silly by nature, let it all shine through in your photos. Work your angles, your gestures and all of your signature poses. Often times photos taken of a person just having an amazing time are the most beautiful, so just have fun with it!

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Photo Credit: Walt Stoneburner via Compfight cc