When you have young children, “keeping the romance alive” falls very low on our parental priority lists. We have very little time, little energy and possibly little disposable income. Even when you don’t have the resources for a big production date-night, there are little things you can (and should!) do to reconnect as a couple.

couple watching a movie at home and eating popcorn

1. At home movie night. Netflix and Amazon have reasonable rates depending on how often you plan to use their services. Take turns choosing a title and keep an open mind.  Most importantly, wait until the kids go to bed, pop some popcorn, dim the lights and make it a whole movie night experience.

husband and wife cooking dessert together

2. Indulging in dessert. Even if you eat dinner as a family you can save something special for dessert. Working together in the kitchen can be playful, cooperative and yummy! Our personal favorite: s’mores with marshmallow melted right over the gas stove.

husband and wife talking at the breakfast table

3. Unplugging and talking.
 The sounds of the television, the glow of the computer screen, and the pings of our smartphones have become so common we hardly notice how much time we spend focused on them without engaging with our loved ones. Pick a night to turn off everything and make the time to just talk. Start the conversation with three rules: no kids, no work, no money. Instead of dealing with the realities of your everyday lives, reminisce about your honeymoon days, explore big dreams of the future, or divulge your latest obsessions.

When you make the commitment to bring children into the world, it is natural for them to take much of your time, energy and attention. But it’s your task (yes, both of you!) to put in the effort to maintain the intimate connection as a couple and remember the people you were before becoming mommy or daddy.