In every area of our lives, many of us strive to reduce, reuse and recycle wherever we can. Our fitness routines should be no different. Getting into shape and developing healthy lifestyles full of physical activity doesn’t mean we need to pollute the environment with disposable bottles, chemicals and one-and-done waste. There are plenty of ways to green in your fitness routine.

1. Change your commute! If you can bike or walk to work a few times a week, go for it. You’ll be bumping up your fitness while you pollute less with your vehicle. You may even meet your neighbors and coworkers, which is a great way to foster a deeper sense of community.

2. Eat organic both pre- and post-work out! Nature has everything we need without turning to bars of nutrition. The science of eating can be as simple as a banana, orange or healthy green salad with lean meat. When you do choose an energy bar, look for those with the fewest ingredients and choose those with ingredients you can pronounce!

3. Hydrate from something reusable! Plastic water bottles are filling landfills every day. Even recycling your bottles, though a better option than pitching them in the trash, is less desirable than finding something you can use over and over again.

4. Ditch the gym and head outside! Hiking, biking and playing with your children at a park are all low-impact ways to green your routine. We’ve even got a way to burn 500 calories outside already made for you!

If you’re just beginning, then don’t discount the work involved in planting a flower or vegetable garden. Planting, weeding and tending to plants are all great low-impact workouts. And anyone who has spent time pruning trees and bushes or pulling weeds can tell you that those activities can have the same impact as a dumbbell routine!

Whether you’re trying to start walking in your neighborhood or organizing an outdoor boot camp, hopefully you can find your own unique ways to “green your routine” and let us know what your favorites are!