Editor’s note: This post was written by actress, model, humanitarian and style guru Molly Sims and published with permission by Skinny Mom.

Summer is almost here! It’s also that time where we start making better choices for the sole fact that it’s bikini season. Yes, we should always make wellness a priority — but when summer almost hits it becomes a must for most.

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If you’re feeling that “freak out” moment where you realize you need to whip it into shape overnight, don’t worry. The key to losing weight and toning up isn’t overnight — think small and meaningful steps to a healthier lifestyle. Here are some tips to get you there.

1. Up your fiber intake. I actually was taught this tip later in life when I was prepping for my wedding day. My nutritionist, Rebecca Baer, analyzed my diet and realized I wasn’t eating near enough fiber. So what makes fiber so important? A high-fiber diet is generally lower in calories but also makes you feel fuller faster and longer. Fiber requires more chewing, slows down eating, and gives our body more time to send signals that say, “STOP! I’m full!” which keeps you from overeating.

If you’re prepping for a bikini, stick to lean proteins and high-fiber foods. Some examples of that are lean beef, lamb, salmon, egg whites and tofu. Also, make quinoa and lots and lots of veggies a staple in EVERY meal! The words “clean” and “lean” are key here.

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2. Eat whole foods only. Our food has been so processed that some of it is barely recognizable. Research suggests that highly processed foods may not satisfy hunger as well as less-processed, higher-fiber foods. When you’re trying to lose weight, keep it simple. Don’t eat things that come from a box. Make your diet as whole and organic as possible.

ALSO — eat the rainbow. No, not Skittles. The more variety and color in your diet, the more vitamins, minerals, and essential nutrients you will get. Healthy, nutritious diet = healthy body! To amp it up, take enzymes and probiotics to get the most out of your meal.

If you tend to have a crazy schedule, plan your meals ahead. It makes eating healthier so much easier! I take Sunday nights to prepare make-ahead salads, chopped veggies, and soups to have all week. If I know I have it in my fridge, I’m more likely to eat that than grab something unhealthy!

>> Print the fun chart below and hang it on your fridge to help yourself (and the kids!) eat the rainbow every day.

eat the rainbow veggie chart

3. Watch your portions. When it comes down to diet, this is so important — especially when it comes to snacks. Have the correct portion of foods and snacks pre bagged in resealable bags. They are easy to grab on the go and will keep you from overindulging. Prepare single-serving portions like almonds, granola, low-calorie cheese, baby carrots, or fresh berries in your fridge. It’s all about habit — so if you get used to that portion, you’ll most likely stick with it!

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