We all love that bounce and shine of curls, but getting them to stay all day can be a serious pain. Check out these tips to keep your stylish curls in place all day long!

  1. Don’t wash your hair everyday: The natural oils in your hair will help hold your curls better than straight, clean hair will.

  2. Use volumizing shampoo and conditioner: Using volumizing products in the shower will help your hair stay light and bouncy all day, and won’t weigh your hair down like other volumizing products might.

  3. Use curl-holding gel: Using a gel that works with your hair gives yet another extra hold to your curls. Try finding one that will still leave some natural shine to your hair instead of leaving it hard and stiff. If gel doesn’t work with your hair texture, stick with the hairspray tip below.

  4. Apply heat protectant serum: Don’t fry your hair! Even if you use curl-holding gel, it’s not designed to protect from heat damage. This will help your curls look more shiny and natural, and obviously help from breakage from all the heat applied to your locks!

  5. Dry hair upside down: Drying your hair upside down will give you that extra volume that will help make curling even easier.

  6. Spray, spray, spray!: Utilize hair spray often. Use a light mist before you curl, after each layer, and when you’re done to really lock in those curls.