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Getting pregnant was no surprise to my husband and myself; when we married we knew that we wanted to start our family shortly after. It’s a scary thought whether you plan it or not. So many questions that have to be answered. Where will I give birth? Natural or epidural? Bottle or breastfeed? There was one question that never had to be answered. Working mom or stay-at-home mom? I knew I had to keep working. One salary would not support a family in our household and honestly I never thought I would be a stay-at-home mom.

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Then the time came to get back to work. Everyone would ask how was I doing and how hard it must be. Of course it’s hard, but the number one thing you have to remember is not to dwell on the things you cannot change. I had no choice, I had and still have to work. Therefore, I can’t sit at my desk all day looking at pictures and missing my baby.

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My son is now 22 months and we have a routine. It’s not perfect. It works for us and I’m always looking to improve it. My husband works different shifts during the day so he is not always with us in the evening. I can’t dwell on the fact that in reality I only get three to four hours a night with my son. Instead, I make the best of it. Now that the weather is improving, we play outside for 30-45 minutes or I take him on a run with me, we come inside for dinner, then depending on the day we have bath time or we play and read books. Then before I know it, it’s bedtime.

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So how do I stay sane? It’s all about mommy time. Before he wakes and after bedtime is when a lot of it happens. I am able to get my workouts done, prep lunches, clean up or even work! On the weekends while he is entertaining himself, I try to prep meals to eat for lunch during the week. This helps to allow for more mommy time in the mornings. I’m a firm believer that doing your hair and makeup everyday makes you feel better about yourself, therefore putting you in a better mood for your day. No two moms are the same. Remember to find what works, enjoy your little ones and make time for you!

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