Bed rest sounds almost like a dream vacation, doesn’t it? But in reality, after a few days of it, you start to go a little crazy. Although you may be a little scared or stressed over your circumstance, work it to your advantage.


According to Mayo Clinic, there are several reasons that doctors may prescribe bed rest during pregnancy, including high blood pressure, bleeding, placenta previa, an incompetent cervix, twins or multiples, or contractions or other signs of preterm labor. It’s important once your doctor prescribes bed rest that you discuss the details of what you can and cannot physically do. Some moms-to-be may not even be allowed to get out of bed, while others are still allowed to move around the house on a limited basis. Whichever case you are, here are some tips to cope with being bedridden.

Reach out, stay connect, and seek support. Being placed on bed rest can be very isolating. Make sure your family & friends know what’s going on, and ask them to call or stop by to keep you company. You can also seek support online if you have a laptop. Connect with other moms-to-be who are due around the same time as you. Sometimes, these women end up being friends for life! Café Mom, Baby & Bump, and Just Mommies are a few good ones to check out.

Work from home. If your company allows it, and if your doctor says it’s okay, you may be able to work from home while you’re on bed rest. Many jobs can be performed via phone or email, and this could help ease some of the financial stress of being placed on bed rest. Just make sure you, your company, and your doctor are all on the same page about what you are physically able to do.

Be prepared. Know what you’re going to need each day, and ask your spouse or family to have it ready for you before they leave for the day. Make sure your phone, books, magazines, laptop, TV remote, and something to eat and drink are all within arm’s reach. (Make sure you show lots of appreciation to all those helping you!)

Read & relax. Use this time to watch the TV shows and movies you’ve always wanted to watch and read the books you’ve always wanted to read. Once your baby gets here, you’ll quickly realize that “free time” becomes a thing of the past. Take advantage of it now.

Get organized. This is a great time to get your photos organized, update your address book, and start a baby journal.

Register and shop online. When you’re placed on bed rest, you’re usually placed on bed rest immediately. (Do not even tempt yourself by passing Target on your way home!) Luckily, you can use this time to shop and prepare for your baby online. Register for your baby shower, order your nursery furniture, and even find your baby’s pediatrician or babysitter.

Focus on your finish! As frustrating and inconvenient as it may be, just remind yourself why you’re doing it. Every day you stay in bed is another day that your baby has to keep growing healthy and strong inside you.