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Pear. Hourglass. Apple. Oval. Straight. Curvy. Diamond. These are just a few of the countless ways modern society has chosen to label the female body. We women are a beautiful race, as varied as the shades found in a sunset, except markedly more unique. It’s true that we come in all shapes and sizes; it’s what makes us women.


So, why do we seem to lose the individuality of our shape when we become pregnant? It’s as if every woman, no matter how she started prior to conception, is expected to end up exactly the same. Not to mention, everyone and their grandmother feels like it’s their duty to express just how accurately you meet their rotund expectations as well as acknowledging if you fall short, should you be so unlucky.

That’s why I think it’s time we all agree to reign in our observations and orations regarding the pregnant women in our midst. Every woman is different, meaning every round belly, swollen foot and glowing complexion will be different as well.

What absolutely rings true for every mama-to-be, however, is the desire to feel like she has this pregnancy thing nailed down. With that said, here are the things you should be saying to your pregnant friends and the things you should really just keep to yourself.

What every pregnant woman wants to hear:

  • You’re absolutely glowing!
  • You look fabulous!
  • You wear pregnancy so well!

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What no pregnant woman wants to hear:

  • Are you sure you’re not having twins? 
You look like you’re ready to pop!
  • You’re ALL belly. This one is tricky because it sounds like a compliment, but many a pregnant woman has been made to feel bad for not ballooning up. Crazy, I know!
  • Are you sure you have [X number] of months left?
  • You’re really starting to get that pregnant waddle!

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The truth is that every day, your pregnancy carries with it small victories. You may have gone the whole day without feeling queasy, or maybe you felt the baby kick for the first time. You’ve managed to tie your shoes without help, or you cried tears of joy when you thought of all of the blessings to come. There are ups and downs unlike any other season of life when you’re pregnant. Just being made to feel like you’re doing a great job, and looking fabulous along the way, is a simple gift from those you encounter on the daily.

So, do your pregnant friends a favor and let them know just how fabulous they look no matter what the voice inside your head is saying. Better yet, share with us some more healthy compliments we can shower on these women during such a special time in life!

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