Are we more creative than our parents? Do we have too much time on our hands?  I don’t care!  I love creativity.  I love it even more when it comes to having a baby!  It is so much fun to see/hear how people announce that there is a baby on board. Out with the old “I’m pregnant” phone calls and in with the extravagant announcements!  Here are some of my favorite ideas to introduce that little life growing within…

Announcing In Photos

Pickles and Ice Cream: Let them piece it together…


Show your Symptoms: This is a humorous way to announce the news. Many of us have been there, let’s laugh about it!


Bun in the Oven: This is a way to involve the whole family to inform of the bun that’s cooking.


Baby Shoes: I have friends who did this picture with a bitty pair of cowboy boots… Such a cute idea!


Ice Ice Baby: I loved this picture! Such a great idea for any Vanilla Ice fans out there!


Addition: Use your math skills to share the news!


1, 2, and 3: Use chalkboards to number your kids and point one at your belly to show the next one is on the way!


Expiration date: Instead of the traditional “Big Brother/Big Sister” T-shirt, try this one on for size.


Announcing With Gifts

Grandmother gift: Surprise Grandma with this necklace! She will hopefully understand that her promotion is only 9 months away!


Expecting Spoon: Set the table and invite family over for a meal that will excite everyone!