As food fads come and go, one thing stays the same: we’re a sugar loving people! At Skinny Mom we get reader mail every day asking how to curb a “sweet tooth” from Utah to London to Sydney. All over the world, moms are wrestling with wanting that brownie versus being healthy and lean. And the children…how do we keep our children from growing up little sugar addicts? Is sugar really awful? Do the different sugars on the market really stand apart from one another? (photo credit here)


Our bodies need sugar – it’s made up of primarily two molecules: glucose and fructose. According to Robert Lustig, MD “The glucose part is fine…it’s the body’s preferred fuel, the type that smoothly runs the billions of cells in our body. But the fructose part “is a chronic poison,” he says. “It doesn’t kill you after one fructose meal, it kills you after 10,000. The problem is, every meal now is a fructose meal.” High fructose corn syrup is in every pre-packaged food from pretzels, to ketchup to that “healthy” lunch you bought in the freezer section. (photo credit here)
Take a look at this interesting info graphic on sugar. Although sugar isn’t an evil thing to put in our bodies, it is important to understand what it offers and what it doesn’t offer for our good health.

As always, the take-away is that we need to practice moderation in our eating habits. The natural glucose in fruits and vegetables, as well as the sugars in lactose, are natural and our bodies know what to do with that glucose. The danger arises when we talk about the added fructose which makes our sweet treats even sweeter, and more addicting. Trying to incorporate more whole foods into our diets may be the best way to give our bodies the nutrition (and sweetness!) we need and want. In the meantime, making good choices and keeping our indulgences to moderate levels is going to ensure the good health of our families as well as ourselves. (photo credit here)