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It was a cold day in New Jersey and my husband, my daughter, and I were enjoying the weather from inside our warm home. My daughter Julianna wanted to go play out in the snow but I was only interested in being in the cozy house. So I said to her, “Why don’t we stay inside and make smoothies?” She squealed with excitement and joy as my daughter loves helping her mommy around the house. We started the smoothie making process. I gathered all the ingredients while my daughter patiently waited for me to give her to the cue to start making our concoctions.

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The ingredients were as follows: two bananas, a scoop of kale, berries, cherries, peanut butter, milk and a small container of Greek yogurt.

Julianna’s first task was to break up the bananas and place them into the blender. After the bananas were all placed, I asked her to scoop in the remainder of the fruit. With glee and excitement, she did just that. The next step was to place this mysterious green vegetable into the mix. “Mommy, what’s that stuff?” she curiously asked. I told her that kale is very good vegetable that will keep you strong and healthy. She said, “Oh okay, Mommy,” and placed it right into our smoothie. Finally we added our Greek yogurt, peanut butter and milk. I praised my daughter on what a great job she did. Being helpful and hearing my appreciation just made her day. She had completely forgotten about the snow out the window and was instead focused on being in the kitchen with me.

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I kept hearing, “Look, Mommy! I made a smoothie all by myself!” I excited told her that we weren’t done yet. I looked down at Jules and I told her, with a smile on both my face and hers, “Now we have to blend it all together and then we will be able to enjoy it.” “Okay, Mom. Can I push the button on the blender?” Of course, I obliged. We both watched the magic of what the blender could do. I looked at my daughter and I saw the excitement and joy in her eyes while we waited for the finished product was ready to be enjoyed. I realized that engaging her in the smoothie-making had her excited to try it — kale and all! I took out the cups: one for me, one for my daughter and one for my husband. I poured our delicious smoothies into the cups and that is how my daughter tasted and enjoyed kale.

It was a wonderful day and we enjoyed it so much; it was a day that I will cherish forever. I learned that my child can taste things that she is not used to eating, but you have to be creative about it!